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Get To Know Your Morning Oats!

See oats (Avena sativa) growing. Touch, walk through, play with the plant. Learn how they grow and what they do for the soil. Roll your own oats from the seeds! Take home a mason jar for your next mornings breakfast!


Cultivating Connection

First Coast Urban Ag is a non-profit organization that works to bring urban agriculture to the Jacksonville, Florida area. Our mission is to educate, empower, and engage our community in using urban agriculture to promote sustainable living. Through our innovative programs, we strive to create meaningful connections between people and their food.

We offer hands-on experiences for the community to get involved in urban agriculture. From planting and harvesting to cooking and crafting, our events provide an opportunity to get to know the plants and learn how to use them in a variety of ways. Come join us and experience the dynamic of seeing the plant grow and prepare food or craft with the plant. All activities are geared toward a child with their parent or caregiver.

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