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Reconnect with Nature and Grow a Healthier Environment

By using agricultural plants as part of their play environment, we educate and connect children to the food that sustains them. "Parents and teachers should promote children to have more significant contact or exposure to nature, because our results indicate that exposure to nature is related to the connection with it, and in turn, with sustainable behaviors and happiness," Berrera-Hernández


Seasonal herbs, fruit, and berries

Our trees are meant to be climbed and our berries picked. All plants are grown regenerative organic, ensuring that it is fresh and nutrient-dense. By supporting us, you are supporting a healthier and happier community.


Family Participation

At First Coast Urban Ag, our mission is to build regenerative food systems and connection. This means connection of parents to their children and both to their community. Our Playgardens are fun for the whole family. There are constantly new colors, fragrances, birds, butterflies and more. Playgardens are a wifi free zone. Take pictures but put the phone down and interact.


Get Involved

Join us in our mission to build sustainable food systems and educate our community. We offer volunteer opportunities, educational programs, and events for all ages. Together, we can make a difference.

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